Transport SOF
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Transport towards and from Ardèche

An alternative to a Taxi ride from and to the Ardèche territory, why not use "Transport SoF": major differences...

"Transport SoF", specializes in the transportation over medium and long distances, we are THE Ardèche Transport solution. Unlike a traditional taxi you may read bellow some differences and advantages:

"Transport SoF" is a certified by the Transport and Environment Department of Rhône Alpes (DREAL) company and registered under the following licence n°2011/82/0001514.

Every Transfer in Ardèche performed by Transport SoF are pre booked for medium and long distances. You may order your journey at the following number: +33 (0)6 77 16 43 63 or by e-mail on our contact form available HERE @

You may not notice our vehicle in Ardèche, across the territory waiting for customers as we only work on pre-ordered rides.

Our multilingual drivers remains at your service together with his vehicle for the time you rent it for.

"Transport SoF" also differentiates with our service as each ride will be quoted individually including all parking, custom toll, sites entrance fees, together with a cultural guiding in your own language.

Your driver will most likely become a friend at the end of the day and the duration of your transportations won't feel long any more...